Friday, November 11, 2005

KGO All Stars - Great Show:

(John Rothmann, in the KGO show after the All Star Show, read part of my email to him! He read what I emailed him that this was probably the best 2 hours of radio that I had heard in a long long time.)

This was not Liberal Talk Show, but the major Talk Show Hosts, including some Liberal Talk Show Hosts, who broadcast on KGO, had a real live debate between tonight, called the KGO All Stars Show.

I hope this is archived somewhere.

This show may go right to the top of the ratings for this week.

It was an absolutely great to and fro, moderated by Ed Baxter.

It was indeed an outstanding performance by Bernie Ward, Ray Taliaferro and Karrel on the liberal side. They won every arguement as the right had to resort to diversionary tactics.

This is not to say that the others - Pete Wilson, Gene Burns and Dr. Bill Wattenburg - did not get their say, but those on the right were just without any solid ground to stand on.

The most dangerous Talk Show Host on the Right is Dr. Bill Wattenburg, as he is a brilliant individual who knows how to twist the facts to get his point across - never answering the real questions that are posed to him. This was not much different today.

I do listen to Wattenburg as he "blinds" his audience with "science" to get them into the mindset to twist them around his little finger. He throws in his political philosophy most suttly and his listeners follow like sheep.

Wattenburg is one of the most dangerous men on the radio, substantially more dangerous than the idiotic people as Bill O'Rielly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, who everyone knows are just straightout liars.


Blogger Susan said...

Remember, Bill Wattenberg is the brother of right-wing think tank flak Ben Wattenberg (the two aren't that close), which should tell one all he or she needs to know about Dr. Bill.

I don't happen to think he is all that brilliant, though he may know a lot about science, or wants people to think he knows a lot about it. But when it comes to politics, he's a brazen liar.

However, he's been on KGO for years and years and years, and he's only on during the weekends, so his influence is probably negligible. I do agree he is more sophisticated than those clowns O'Reilly and Limbaugh, who are simply lame.


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