Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Democratic Underground and Mike Malloy

Mike came back on at 4 am, not 5 am Finnish Time - I made a mistake as 9 pm ET is 4 am Finnish Time.

Luckily I was awake and tuned in so did not miss this rebirth. It was grand.

And it was amazing to see the Democratic Underground Mandatory Malloy Thread - which just ran away with 372 postings in the first hour. The thread had to be locked and Thread 2 already had 117 postings.

Is it no wonder that all of us consider Mike Malloy as the greatest Talk Show Host in this Universe.

Here are the links:

Mike's Web Site:
http://www.mikemalloy.com /

Stream Link from Mike's Web Site:

1480 KPHX Radio Site:
http://www.1480kphx.com /

Nove M Radio Site:
http://www.novamradio.com /
The NovaMRadio website has the NovaMRadio Schedule

Streaming Link:

I am listening on iTunes through te Shoutcast Stream. At the moment there are about 573 listeners on this stream.

Call the program LIVE 9 PM - midnight ET 800-989-1480 (its toll free! in the US)

Welcome back to your top spot Mike!


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