Saturday, November 19, 2005

Malloy tops again; Sharp drop -Thom Hartmann:

There have been many sharp changes in this weeks ratings in the Liberal talk Shows.

Ratings for the week ended 18th November 2005:

  1. Mike Malloy ***** 5 shows a week

  2. Peter Werbe ***** 1 show a week

  3. John Rothmann **** 2 shows a week

  4. Laura Flanders ***** 2 shows a week

  5. Ring of Fire (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio) **** 1 show a week

  6. The Rachel Maddow Show **** 5 shows a week

  7. Bernie Ward ***** 4 shows a week

  8. The Stephanie Miller Show *** 5 shows a week

  9. Politically Direct *** 1 show a week

  10. Ray Taliferro **** 5 shows a week

  11. Radio Inside Scoop (Mark Levine) **** 4 shows a week

  12. Mike Webb **** 5 shows a week

  13. Thom Hartmann **** 5 shows a week

  14. Morning Sedition (Marc Maron, Mark Riley) **** 5 shows a week

  15. The Randi Rhodes Show *** 5 shows a week

  16. Nate Clay *** 1 show a week

  17. The Majority Report (Janeane Garofalo, Sam Seder) **** 5 shows a week

  18. Revolution in the Air (Lizz Brown) *** 5 shows a week

  19. Ecotalk ** 1 show a week

  20. The Young Turks (Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Jill Pike) ** 5 shows a week

Unrated this week:

This week there is a steep drop in the rating of Thom Hartmann. Thom also loses a star.

Thom is getting careless, probably due to overwork and stress. Despite his many commitments to writing and research, he is also trying to keep 6 hours of Talk Radio going on every weekday. This week he allowed a guest to speak absolute and utter rubbish about the situation in Kashmir. If it had not been for a caller, an educated and responsible one from the other side of the spectrum, a total lie would have been let slip by Thom.

That is unforgivable by any Talk Show host.

On Friday he spent two hours on his "scoop" by having his co-author on the show to promote the conspiracy theory about the assassination of John F. Kennedy which is contained in their new 900 page book. Hardly a scoop for an international audience that listens to the show, maybe for the fringe groups whom Thom has continuously stopped expressing their views on his show.

John Rothmann was especially strong this week in his anger about the way the Republicans have been attacking John Murtha, the Democrat who came out strongly and adopted my position of withdrawing the coalition forces from Iraq immediately.

John concentrated on the issues rather than get diverted by side shows as criticizing other people. He gained a star.

Politically Direct had a great show last week and made it into the ratings. The show gained 2 stars. Ecotalk also makes it to the chart this week and also gains a star.

Guy James was unable to take to the air last Saturday and therefore goes unrated.

Randi Rhodes is dropping as she tends to love everyone who appears on her show, despite her stand against them on many issues. She behaves almost like a gutless gushing sycophant in many instances. If she continues in this vein, despite her audience figures, she may drop off the ratings, very much like Al Franken and Ed Schultz.


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