Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wow! That was fast!

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After listening to the Mike Malloy Show today, I stayed tuned to Nova M Radio and there is a show called the John Loftus Show.

While listening to it, I wrote an email to Mike and sent copies to several people including Anita and Shelby Drobny, the founders of Nova M Radio, as well a Mike Newcomb, the CEO of the station. (I had listened to this guy for several times and each time it was worse than the previous time.)

Subject: Some musings from Finland
From: "Jacob Matthan"
Date: 04/21/2007 5:05 AM

Dear Mike,

I think it was on Thursday, when you did that show about the Alberto Gonzales hearings, I was thinking how great it was that you had a producer who was really the very best - Kathy. She tuned in some of the best and appropriate music and that show, in my opinion, rates one of the very best in your many years on the air.

It was wonderful that you complimented her on air that evening. I am sure most of us listeners appreciated what a great team you make.

You have held the No. 1 Spot on my Liberal Talk Show Ratings. 50% of the credit, undoubtedly, goes to Kathy!

The reason I write is not to pay compliments only, but to respond to your question as to why some of us may not be Radio as Founders. (I do not know whether a non US citizen. non resident of the US can in fact contribute, but that is not the issue.)

When Nova M Radio airs the rabid one-sided conservative views of John Loftus, immediately after your show, although I support liberal radio, I do not support hate-mongering the way John Loftus does on his program.

So far I thought Bill Wartenburg of KGO was the most professional hate-monger on the air as he uses his intelligence in such a morbid manner. John Loftus does it more subtly than Dr. Bill.

The other day I heard him bring on air the "Chalabi of Iran"!

I realised that he does not have just one Chalabi, but "a Chalabi for every viewpoint that he holds".

Today, he was promoting how good setting up walls to separate people were - of course he did not mention Ronald Regan's cry "Tear down that wall, Mr. Gorbachov!"). Also, he has spent his time readying the world for Israel to launch another horrible attack on the innocent people of Lebanon!

The way, in my humble opinion, he promotes the "fascist Zionist" agenda certainly does not merit my supporting the radio station that pushes these views, even though that station gives you the airtime.

John Loftus is the Judith Miller of Talk Radio. It is a shame that he shares the same air space as you. The only thing missing from his programme these days is the "three cheers" for the war criminals, Bush and Blair.

I hope you understand my point of view. This may be part of the answer to your question why some of us have not supported Nova M Radio.

I have copied Mike Newcomb, Anita and Shelby Drobny and John Loftus on this email as also some major Liberal Talk Show Hosts (as Bccs).

Very best to Kathy, Molly and you.

Jacob Matthan
Oulu, Finland

Within five hours I had this email from Shelby Drobny.

The Loftus show will be cancelled. Tonight was his last show. Thanks for the feedback.

I do not know whether I was responsible, but I am glad Liberal Talk Radio listeners do not have to listen to fabricated hate-speech. I think the appreciation of listeners views is the reason Anita and Shelby Drobny are successful in launching truly Liberal Talk Radio. How I wish Air America would cast aside its ridiculous ways.

Thank you Mr. Drobny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot on.
Loftus has good information but is an opportunist like weiner savage...


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