Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mike back on top; Morning Sedition is ending:

Mike Malloy regained his top spot with no problem. The clips he plays are so topical and up-to-date, and his analysis so on target, that there is no room for anyone to challenge his top position on any grounds. He really knows to handle those apologists and right-wingers that call him, as Mike is absolutely solid in his position on ALL matters.

I just heard from Peter Werbe that he will be subbing for Mike a few times during the last two weeks of December. Peter continues to hold his own at the 2nd spot.

Soft spoken Laura Flanders still holds onto 3rd spot.

I still do not understand why Sam Seder of Majority Report has to keep yelling all the time. Janeane Garofalo checking in regularly from West Wing by phone is far more sedate and has helped to keep the show on the charts. Sam is driving the show south with his totally uncalled for theatrics. Not that Janeane is not prone to her share of yelling.

This is the last week of Morning Sedition, with Marc Maron and Mark Riley, on Air America Radio.

It appears that the top brass of Air America Radio are just like the Republican-lite in the Democratic Party. They seem to yield to the pressures. Will it be long before they take off Mike for speaking his views? They keep on such shows as Springer and Al Franken because they are big names and not based on show content. Recently, when I talked to a liberal American about Springer, the immediate association was with his outrageous TV Show and they do not expect him to be any better on the radio. Pre-judged yes, but it is not helping the Liberal agenda to drive away potential listeners with the reputation that precedes him.

Bernie Ward had Karel subbing for him, which was quite disastrous. Mike Webb had a couple of good shows last week. Randi Rhodes was on target for a couple of shows, but her continued talking over people, who have important stuff to convey, keeps her ratings from hitting top spot. Stephanie Miller and her team continue to impress, especially since they seem to be drawing more right wing callers. Their sharp humour is becoming addictive.

Ratings for the week ended 9th December 2005:

  1. Mike Malloy Show hosted by Mike Malloy ***** 5 shows a week

  2. Nightcall hosted by Peter Werbe ***** 1 show a week

  3. Laura Flanders ***** 2 shows a week

  4. Ring of Fire (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio) ***** 1 show a week

  5. Ray Taliferro ***** 5 shows a week

  6. The Rachel Maddow Show **** 5 shows a week

  7. Morning Sedition (Marc Maron, Mark Riley) *** 5 shows a week

  8. The Stephanie Miller Show **** 5 shows a week

  9. Mike Webb *** 5 shows a week

  10. The Randi Rhodes Show ** 5 shows a week

  11. Politically Direct (David Bender) **** 1 show a week

  12. Ecotalk (Betsy Rosenberg) **** 1 show a week

  13. Radio Inside Scoop (Mark Levine) ***4 shows a week

  14. Thom Hartmann *** 5 shows a week

  15. The Young Turks (Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Jill Pike) ** 5 shows a week

  16. Nate Clay ** 1 show a week

  17. John Rothmann *** 2 shows a week

  18. Bernie Ward ***** 4 shows a week

  19. The Majority Report (Janeane Garofalo, Sam Seder) ** 5 shows a week

  20. Revolution in the Air (Lizz Brown) ** 5 shows a week

Unrated this week:

Enjoy another week of Liberal Talk Radio on the Internet.


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