Monday, April 23, 2007

John Loftus thinks we are malicious

This was the email we received from John Loftus when he received a copy of our email to Mike malloy which was copied to Anita and Shelby Drobny and he was fired the same night!

I recently received a false, malicious and defamatory email letter from Jacob Matthan of Oulu, Finland. This criminally libelous letter was addressed to me, Mike Malloy, Sheldon Drobny and numerous others. In this letter, Mr. Matthan accuses me of being a "rabid conservative", a "hate monger", and a "fascist."

In the first place I am a life long opponent of racism in every form, and have dedicate my entire adult life to fighting hate mongers. I am an Irish Catholic who has championed the cause of Muslims, Jews, Palestinians, African Americans, Native Americans and other victims of hatred and discrimination. Because of my strong stands, my family has endured death threats, poverty, and now Mr. Matthan's insults. I have been a Nazi war crimes prosecutor and am the subject of a forth coming feature film called "American Secrets" which exposes the secret fascist connections of American corporations. My forthcoming book, "The Witness Tree" exposes how the Bush, Walker and Rockefeller families economically supported the rise of fascism. To call me a fascist supporter is ludicrous. I am life long "Scoop Jackson" Democrat and a public and consistent supporter of liberal positions on human rights and the environment. For my staunch defense of these liberal positions, I have been denounced by Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan many others on the far right.

Next, Mr. Matthan calls me a promoter of the "Chalabi of Iran" and again "A Chalabi for every viewpoint that he holds." I assume this means that I provided my audience with VIP guests who discussed Iran from every point of view. On my show, I have hosted a feminist spokeswoman against Iran, a leader of the Iranian government in exile, and even a former member of the CIA. As the recorded archives of my show make clear, neither I nor any of my guests support the use of military force against Iran except as an extreme last resort. To compare us to Chalabi, who advocated the invasion of Iraq is as false as false could be. We oppose any invasion of Iran, as that would weaken the Iranian resistance in overthrowing the cruel and bigoted rule of the Mullahs.

Here is another of Mr. Mathan's distortions: "Today he was promoting how good setting up walls to separate people." I am in favor of any temporary measure that would save lives, but Mr. Mathan is utterly wrong to then compare my point of view to the communist dictators of Berlin. The Berlin wall was built to keep oppressed people in. The walls in Baghadad and Israel are to keep the terrorist oppressors out, and let the victims of terrorism live in freedom and peace. I pray that someday, all the walls may come down, but first the shooting must stop.

Next Mr. Mathhan charges: "Also, he has spent his time readying the world for Israel to launch another horrible attack on the innocent people of Lenanon." This is exactly the opposite of what my program has been saying: I am predicting that Hezbollah in Lebanon would attack Israel with long range rockets from a safehaven north of the Litani River, and that Israel would be unable to defend itself from the missile attack because the UN force in between the Litani and the Israeli border would block any Israeli ground incursion. Similarly, the Iranian donation of advance anti-aircraft systems to Hizbollah would counter any Israeli air strike. The UN has confirmed all of this from German, French, American and Israeli photographs of the rearmament of Hezbollah with long range Syrian and Iranian missiles in violation of the UN resolutions.

But in this critical eve of war, when peace could still be saved, Mr. Mathan turns things upside down and says that it is Israel who is planning to attack the innocent Hezbollan, and that I am "readying the world for Israel to launch another horrible attack." Mr. Mathan is not just mistaken, he is a liar. No reasonable person who has listened to my programs could ever come to such a conclusion. I do not and never have supported pre-emptive strikes, and have advocated that Israel return the Chalabi farms, release the three Lebanese prisoners and support the demilitarization of the Golan under Syrian soverignty as a peace park open to picknicking visitors from both sides of the border.

Now we come to the nub of Mr. Mathan's written charges against me: "The way, in my humble opinion, he promotes the "fascist zionist" agenda certainly does not merit my supporting the radio station." I am reminded that Martin Luther King said that those who claim they are only anti-Zionist and not anti-semitic, are only covering for their racism against Jews. I have been to Palestine and Israel many times, and have found that most people there do not want either Arab extremists, or Jewish extremists, they just want the tourists back so they can have jobs for themselves and their kids. People like Mr. Mathan who denounce peace loving people like me with smear words like "fascist zionist" are the true enemies of peace.

Mr. Mathan next says: "John Loftus is the Judith Miller of Talk Radio." I am not sure what that means, but Judith Miller will confirm that she and I are enemies. I always tried to uphold the highest journalistic standards of objectivity, accuracy and fairness. On the rare occasions when I make honest mistakes, I post my goofs publicly on my personal website so that people will know that they can always trust me to tell the truth. Because I stubbornly insist on telling the truhth, some senior offcials of the Bush administration have done everything in their power to stifle my criticisms, even to the point of launching an economic boycott against the charity which i head.

As a final insult, Mr. Mathans says "The only things missing from his programme these days is the "three cheers" for the war criminals Bush and Blair." Here, Mr. Mathan reminds me of another of my heroes, George Orwell who wrote: "the most powerful form of lie is the omission, and it is the duty of historians to ensure that those lies do not creep into the history books." As a former war crimes prosecutor, I must inisist that Mr. Mathan apologize for his omissions, and forward my reply to everyone who recieved his attack on me.

As a personal note, I must add how dissapointed I was to receive the following reply to Mr. Mathan's letter from the owner of the network: "The Loftus show will be cancelled. Tonight was his last show. Thanks for the feedback. " Many people reasonable people will understand this to mean that Mr. Drobny has publicly endorsed Mr. Mathan's lies, circulated his libel to others, and terminated my job. How sad. I thought that we were friends, and now he has supported Mr. Mathan is destroying my professional reputation.

I want a public apology.


John J. Loftus
Attorney at Law


Anonymous Arkinsaw said...

Wow! John is a bit delusional huh?

I have listened to a few of his shows and found him to be supremely arrogant. Nothing he says in his email to you is even close to what he spews on air.

Here's a link to my outrage at one of his shows:


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