Saturday, December 17, 2005

Rachel Maddow takes Al Franken’s Show into the charts:

Top two, Mike and Peter hold their own this week.

Rachel Maddow was really brilliant and has taken the Al Franken Show to No.3 in my ratings.

Marl Levine was ahead of the news cycle this week and has made a big jump up. Wish he was on at a more reasonable hour.

Bernie Ward has stoppped his rant about the charity and therefore makes it back among the top shows.

Sam Seder was great on his TV appearance about the War on Christmas. However, on his radio show he keeps shouting, and even at the lowest volume he comes through screaming. He is like my mother-in-law who thought that I would understand her Finnish better if she yelled it at me. Janeane Garofalo does not scream when she is on the phone - so probably that the best way she should come on this show.

Morning Sedition is in its last week and has held is name on the charts till the end. Sad to see such a good show be taken of the air.

Liz Brown was pushed off the charts with Rachel pushing Al Franken’s Show into the ratings. Her show web site has improved and is being updated, but her blogitude is still not updated. Obviously because she does not provoke a reaction from her live audience..

Ratings for the week ended 16th December 2005:

  1. Mike Malloy Show hosted by Mike Malloy ***** 5 shows a week

  2. Nightcall hosted by Peter Werbe ***** 1 show a week

  3. The Al Franken Show hosted by Rachel Maddow 5 shows a week

  4. Laura Flanders ***** 2 shows a week

  5. Ring of Fire (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio) ***** 1 show a week

  6. Radio Inside Scoop (Mark Levine) ***4 shows a week

  7. Bernie Ward ***** 4 shows a week

  8. Ray Taliferro ***** 5 shows a week

  9. Politically Direct (David Bender) **** 1 show a week

  10. Morning Sedition (Marc Maron, Mark Riley) *** 5 shows a week

  11. The Stephanie Miller Show **** 5 shows a week

  12. The Randi Rhodes Show ** 5 shows a week

  13. Ecotalk (Betsy Rosenberg) **** 1 show a week

  14. Mike Webb *** 5 shows a week

  15. Thom Hartmann *** 5 shows a week

  16. The Young Turks (Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Jill Pike) ** 5 shows a week

  17. Nate Clay ** 1 show a week

  18. John Rothmann *** 2 shows a week

  19. The Rachel Maddow Show hosted by Isaa-Davy Aronson **** 3 shows last week

  20. The Majority Report (Janeane Garofalo, Sam Seder) ** 5 shows a week

Unrated this week:

Peter will be hosting Mike Malloy’s Show Dec. 19, 20, 21, 27 & 29. His own Show will be off the air on Dec. 25th 2005 and january 1st 2006. Mike will be hosting the Randi Rhodes Show on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Next week will be a big change as many regular shows are off the air and so you will see some new names featuring in the ratings.


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