Monday, January 30, 2006

Mike Malloy’s rage:

As America moves steadily towards fascism, the shout of the Liberal Media is getting louder and louder, but the Main Stream Media, which is controlled by the powerful corporate lobby, is shutting them out.

Mike Malloy went way ahead of the other Liberal Talk Show Hosts with his expression of his deep inner rage against what is happening in America today. His reading of George Orwell’s book "1984” is something that EVERY Liberal Talk Show Host should be doing on every show.

The Young Turks have started a massive online protest programme to block Ailto’s nomination to the Supreme Court and to ensure that every Democreat Senator gets on board to oppose the cloture vote and filibuster this in the Senate on Monday and Tuesday. This has pulled them from the bottom of these ratings to the top.

It is sad that it needs such an event to bring out the best in these three hosts, who make up the Young Turks. Otherwise we have heard them vacillating and vacillating.

Ratings for the week ended 28th January 2006:

  1. Mike Malloy Show hosted by Mike Malloy and Peter Werbe ***** 5 (# + 1 +1) shows a week

  2. The Young Turks (Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Jill Pike) ** 5 shows a
  3. Nightcall hosted by Peter Werbe ***** 1 show a week

  4. The Stephanie Miller Show **** 5 shows a week

  5. Laura Flanders ***** 2 shows a week

  6. Ring of Fire (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio) ***** 1 show a week

  7. The Randi Rhodes Show ***** 5 shows a week

  8. Bernie Ward ***** 4 shows a week

  9. Ray Taliferro ***** 5 shows a week

  10. Thom Hartmann *** 5 shows a week

  11. Mike Webb *** 5 shows a week

  12. Nate Clay ** 1 show a week

  13. The Majority Report (Janeane Garofalo, Sam Seder) ** 5 shows a week

  14. Air America Mornings (Mark Riley 0500 - 0700 and Rachel Maddow 0700 - 0900) ****

  15. Politically Direct (David Bender) **** 1 show a week

  16. Ecotalk (Betsy Rosenberg) **** 1 show a week

  17. John Rothmann *** 2 shows a week

  18. Ed Schultz 5 shows a week

Unrated this week:

Let us hope the Democrat Senators listen to their only base, the Liberal talk Show Hosts and vote according to what the Democrat grassroots are shouting trough their hosts to filibuster Sam Alito!


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