Monday, January 02, 2006

No official rating chart for last week:

Ratings for the week ended 30th December 2005:

Due to many Talk Show Hosts being on holisday, there were many show cancellations, many "best of" shows, and many stand-ins with quite unknown hosts, it was not possible to make a genuine ratings chart except that Mike Malloy and Peter Werbe held top spot with the Mike Malloy Show, Peter had a recorded interview show which was good, but was not a Talk Show, and Mike Malloy brought the couple of spots he did for Randi Rhodes, take the Randi Rhodes Show into top reckoning. Tony Trupiano did some spots for Ed Schulz which were really good. Let us hope wins Tony wins his race for the Congress.

Another important development was the termination of Mike Webb on quite flimsy grounds by his station, 710 KIRO Seattle.

I sent this email to the station as my way of expressing my concern.

Dear Sir,

I was greatly disturbed to hear that you had terminated Mike Webb, one of the best Liberal Talk Show Hosts on the Air.

This is the thread at the DU Forum:

"I just talked to Mike Webb (recently fired liberal talk show host)...

In case you don't already know the story Mike was recently fired from 710 KIRO Seattle.

He is doing okay but he didn't deserve this. What ever happened to being Innocent until proven guilty in this country? Mike got into a car accident and then next thing he knows he got fired and he didn't commit any felony or any crime for that matter. This is a bogus claim, and it really looks like the SPD has a vendetta against him. And while I'm ranting about this what about Tom Delay who is still a US congressmen and Rush who admittedly was doing his show on drugs. This is insane. All this is over $5000 that he didn't even receive from the insurance company."

In the Talk Show Ratings, Mike Webb has consistently been amongst the top for over 2 years.

I hope that you will explain to us, his international listeners, how you made such a radical decision without any legal basis.

I feel confident other Liberal Talk Show Hosts will give your actions the correct airing.

It means we will be dropping your station OFF our ratings if Mike is taken off as it takes a long time (3 years) to get rated on this content rating system-

More fool you than me!

Jacob Matthan
Oulu, Finland

I will assess the shows this week to see whether the Talk Show Ratings can be resumed from next week.

Till then, stay tuned and listening to the live Liberal Talk Show Hosts on the internet.


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