Saturday, January 14, 2006

Talk Show Ratings back on track

This was the week of the Sam Alito hearings for his appointment to the Supreme Court of America. If CSpan could be included in these Talk Show Ratings, this would have been Number 1.

The Democratic Senators failed to question the nominee adequately and the Republican Senators showed that they were just part of the Bush Choir. There was hardly a single question put by the Republicans questioning the nominee on his record. The Republicans, in the main focused on tearing down the Democrat Senators who asked quetions and the liberals and the left wing - contributing nothing to finding out the good, bad and ugly side of Alito.

Most of the Liberal Talk Shows this week were directed to covering these hearings. Almost all of them did a good job, although none better than Mike Malloy who tore the Democrat Senators to pieces in a way that showed the sham of the US Senate procedures.

I had email from the Radio Station that airs Lizz (Elizabeth) Brown as she has dropped off our ratings as her show cannot be heard LIVE. We are now trying together to establish why this is so.

The same situation with the Mark Levine Show which unfortunately cannot be heard LIVE any longer, for reasons unknown. Maybe his producer would like to do some investigation so that we can hear his show LIVE once again.

Mike Malloy stays at the top without any doubt. Peter Werbe stays in second spot. There is quite a battle for the third spot as 3 ladies try to get ahead of each other - Laura Flanders, Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes. Randi continues to talk “over” her guests, but she has had some good guests on including James Risen, the New York Times reporter who was behind the disclosure of Bushes spying on Americans programme and the author of the book: State of War : The Secret History of the C.I.A. and the Bush Administration.

Bernie Ward is a very focused Host and Ray Taliaferro continues to be the most hilarious and yet the Host with about the greatest punch in this line up. John Rothmann continues his hot and cold routine.

Thom Hartmann did not have his Friday session with Independent Congressman Bernie sanders, as he had some host from Phoenix, Arizona fill in for him. This Host could not give his strange name (for us foreigners) in a decipherable fashion and did not have much to say other than tell us he was standing in for Thom Hartmann. Maybe this break will help Thom to freshen up his routine a bit, but Thom’s stand that “a little expertience is THE REAL THING” does not stand up for much scrutiny when he quotes his fleeting visits to regions and countries as his "undisputable experience”.

Mike Webb is on air again, but I am not sure exactly how he is on air. He seems to have a blend of recorded stuff on his juke box online presence, but whenever I hear him Live, he is great.

Sam Seder continues to run his show and I rarely hear his partner, Janeane. When on together the shouting match is just too much for my ears.

One excellent feature on Air America Radio is that we online listeners do not have to listen to those stupid advertisements that Americans want to listen to. But they have been totally unimaginative of what to do with the space, which should have provided Air America radio with a golden opportunity to send out powerful messages to the Liberal world. But all we hear some off-putting music which is really off-putting. What a waste of valuable air time!

Ratings for the week ended 13th January 2006:

  1. Mike Malloy Show hosted by Mike Malloy ***** 5 (# + 1 +1) shows a week

  2. Nightcall hosted by Peter Werbe ***** 1 show a week

  3. Laura Flanders ***** 2 shows a week

  4. The Stephanie Miller Show ***** 5 shows a week

  5. The Randi Rhodes Show **** 5 shows a week

  6. Bernie Ward **** 4 shows a week

  7. Ray Taliferro **** 5 shows a week

  8. Ring of Fire (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio) **** 1 show a week

  9. Politically Direct (David Bender) *** 1 show a week

  10. Ecotalk (Betsy Rosenberg) *** 1 show a week

  11. Thom Hartmann *** 5 shows a week

  12. Mike Webb *** 5 shows a week

  13. Nate Clay *** 1 show a week

  14. The Majority Report (Janeane Garofalo, Sam Seder) ** 5 shows a week

  15. Air America Mornings (Mark Riley 0500 - 0700 and Rachel Maddow 0700 - 0900) **

  16. The Young Turks (Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Jill Pike) ** 5 shows a
  17. John Rothmann ** 2 shows a week

  18. Ed Schultz 5 shows a week **

Unrated this week:

Wish you all very happy listening to the Liberal Talk Shows. The battle of the hosts is up and running again again - and may the best ones be at the top of these ratings!


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