Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why Mike Malloy is the indisputable No. 1

Please read the BUZZFLASH interview of Mike Malloy and then you will know why Mike Malloy is indisputably the No. 1 in Talk Show Hosts.

Peter Werbe stays firmly set at No. 2. His Talk Show Programme as well as his interviews are truly great.

Peter B. Collins, Bernie Ward, and Ray Talliaferro are fighting for the No. 3 spot.

It is good to see Guy James fighting to get back on top. He deserves more air time.

Thom Hartmann is ingenuous and does not take on a conversation (or email) which he knows he is going to lose an argument. He is a great historian, but unfortunately, in my opinion, not a good talk show host. He stays firmly on topic where he has a few bees in his bonnet.

The Stephanie Miller humour is a bit stale. Good for a short listening experience. So also, the Young Turks are sporadically good.

Randi Rhodes believes she is a goddess, but she is just a shill for the Democrat Party. Her conversations on the internet do not add much to one's knowledge abut any subject,

Ed Schulz is not worth listening to.

Of late I have found Bill Press to be interesting.

I am getting Tony Trupiano of Radio Power and he is a good host.

Sheldon (Shelly) Drobny, the founder of NovaM Radio was recently interviewed by Mike Malloy.

Shelly is a visionary. If I was younger, I would bet heavily that he is what is required to make liberal radio a success.

So, undoubtedly, Mike Malloy stays at the top of my Talk Show Ratings!


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