Saturday, September 22, 2007

Unprofessional Lady Liberal Talk Show Hosts

The last week has made me remove to the two most popular lady Liberal Talk Show Hosts off the ratings lists because of their totally unprofessional broadcasting performances.

The first to go is Stephanie Miller and her couple of sidekicks. On the day of the Tasering of the University Student in Florida at the John Kerry event, the three of them completely went out of their senses and started to make it a laughing stock matter. They called the student an "Ass", time and time again. Then they claimed that he was "annoying". Hence, they came to the conclusion that it was his fault he was treated as he was.

The three of them kept repeating the same thing over and over again. I thought they were asses and annoying. Should the three of them have been Tasered?

The next day, from the emails they received, Stephanie Miller realised that she had done something wrong and started to be apologetic by excusing her behaviour as her having been through a psychotic phase. But the sidekicks continued their "ass and annoying" calling phase as they just could not come to acknowledging that they had misread the situation.

Such pedantism and stupidity has made me remove the Stephanie Miller Show from my ratings list. When they come back on, if at all, they will be at the bottom of the list until they show some maturity on their programme.

The second unstable individual that I removed from the ratings is Randi Rhodes. She has been for years promoting herself as the Goddess of Liberal Talk Radio. Such puerile histrionics that I heard last Friday was so amazing, that I just felt she could not be kept in the ratings.

If anyone disagrees with "her" reasoning, then they are usually to be shouted at, talked over or screamed at.

When she is in the company of a big wig, she is a gushing gal, almost sycophantic.

On Friday, just because a few people expressed their dissatisfaction with the Democrats who voted for the non-binding resolution which was put up by the Republicans because of the MoveOn ad, she went ballistic, throwing a tantrum totally unbecoming of a sane Talk Show Host.

Her stand was that the listeners should be glad of the different pieces that the Democrats put up for vote (all killed by the Republicans).

Why should anyone be glad for that - that is their job.

But to allow that time wasting resolution to be even brought up in the Senate was the stupidity that the audience were going on about. The Leader of the Senate should have just refused to bring it to the floor!

The crying, the sobbing, the so called deeply moving feeling that she experienced did not convince me of her sincerity of calling Democrats to task when they do something that their base does not want them to do.

Mike Malloy and Peter Werbe stay at the top of the ratings. Bernie Ward, Ray Taliaferro and Peter B. Collins are close behind. The irregular Guy James is still in the reckoning. I like Bill Press, who now makes it into the Top 10. The Young Turks are making a strong showing. Thom Hartman has gone down in the ratings but still stays in the Top 10. Nate Clay with his Sunday morning show is still up there.

The new format of Ring of Fire is good. Laura Flanders continues to impress. The Greens (Mark and Richard) who bought Air America to get their voices on the air, should get off just as soon as they got on. They are only exploiting their moneyed contacts. They can hardly be judged to be good Talk Show Hosts.

Along with Ed Schulz, Lionel, should be taken off the air. They irritate more than entertain!

There is much to be desired in the Liberal Talk Show area, but the two leaders - Mike and Peter show by example how it should be done.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Mark Levine (Radio Inside Scoop)is considered the newest hottest conservative talk radio host. You may want to reconsider listing him as a liberal.


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